Hiring: Finding and Identifying successful Admissions Representatives


MPACT Group, Inc.Recently we conducted a leadership training event with several Directors of Admissions, Corporate Level Admissions Leaders, Talent Acquisition Managers, HR personnel, and Vice Presidents.  We conducted a session on defining the characteristics most important when Hiring a New Admissions Representative.  This is the data that came from that session.

First they were asked to define the most important key elements of an Admissions Representatives position. Things such as making phone calls, interviewing students, generating inquiries, working with teachers, scheduling classroom presentations, following up with students, listening, etc.  From this we asked the group to come up with 5 (only 5) key Characteristics that an Admissions Representative must possess, and HOW and WHAT questions can you ask to determine  if they possess the characteristic during your interview with them.

The groups were broken into subgroups where they were provided with an amount of time to define these characteristics.

Here is what they came up with as the characteristics.

  1. Goal Achiever
  2. Tenacity
  3. Aptitude
  4. Initiative
  5. Attitude

Questions for each Characteristic to help you identify if they possess it.

Goal Achiever 

In your previous position how was your performance measured?

What were your goals in your previous position and how were they defined?

How did you go about achieving your goals?

Tell me about a time when you did not achieve your goal and why?

What happened when you missed your goals?

There have been situations personally where I missed a goal.  Could you give me an example or explain why?


Tell me about the toughest sale you ever made?

Tell me about a time you accomplished that others may have doubted?

Tell me about a time that you did not accomplish a goal?

What happened? So what did you do as a result?

What would you do if a student answers your text message but will not answer your phone calls?

Tell me a time in your life that was stressful that you persevered through?


Tell me about the training process (structure) at your company?

How quickly were you able to attain your goals after initial training?

How do you learn best (hands on, manual, visual, auditory, job shadow, mentor)?

I’m going to hand you 200 leads. Describe exactly what you will do with them.  Start to finish?

Tell me about your accomplishment/failure at your last employer and how you accomplished them (or turn around)?

Initiative –_

Give me an example of a project that you implemented on your own.  What were the three outcomes?

If you could make a suggestion to a previous employer, what would it be? Did you tell them? If not, why?

Give an example of a time where you weren’t on target to meet your goal.  What did you do to get there? What were the final results?

What have you done in the past three years to improve your sales/customer service abilities?

Tell me about some leadership roles you have held?


Why are you leaving your current position?  Why did you leave your current position?

We all had good and bad bosses, describe characteristics of a good job and bad boss.

Determining if the glass is half full or half empty – questions?

Give a time when something you put a lot of effort on just didn’t work out?

Follow up with people who met them.

I am sure everyone has their own opinions on some of these.  We would love for you to share your thoughts with us.

Check us out at mpactgroupinc.com or reply to the blog posting or on linked in.


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